Destroyed By Design (Demo)

by Ninkharsag

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Ttales of war, magick and sinister otherworldly beings.


released January 2, 2013

Vocals/Guitar - Kyle Nesbitt
Guitar - Paul Armistead
Drums - Jay Piprell
Bass - Steve Churchill



all rights reserved


Ninkharsag Liverpool, UK

Ninkharsag play Ancient Black Metal Art exclusively

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Track Name: The Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius
Lend me your ears,
o' children of the dawn,
let me reveal this sacred truth.
Core of a star,
inside every man,
let no others tell thee nay.
Beings of light,
time is of no time,
we follow these ancient paths.
Into our minds,
we cast aside illusion,
and conquer our pride.

Revel in my splendour, crowned and shining glory,
older than lost Babalon, more eternal than the stars.
Mists may conceal, lies may cast doubt.
You fail because you fear, the morals in your mind.
The New Aeon is here, for those with power to Will.
Raise your swords my brothers, and conquer slaves with pride.
Worship the light within thee, for it burns in every star,
bow down in adoration, and open the gates to thine heart.
Track Name: Destroyed By Design
We were born to kill, to shed and spill blood,
sacrificing men to the old gods above,
our hands are stained with a milleniea of pain,
our history is written with destruction and shame.

Combine the nuclei to make a third,
harnass the energy to destroy the world,
cover the lands in thick smoke and ash,
pollute the sea's with atomic warfare.


Children burned to cinders,
cities razed to dust,
the golden crown of mankind removed
is left to turn to rust.
We were blinded by our power,
over the land, sea and air,
but we could not see it was a matter of time,
before we destroyed ourselves by design...
Track Name: Liber V vel Reguli (Unmixed album sample)
Robed and armed I face the east,
I beat eleven times,
I invoke Nuit and Hadit
the sacred names of God.
I form the triple cross,
around my earthly shell,
I grasp my wand with two clenched fists,
and complete the elevenfold seal.

Before me the power of la!
Behind me the power of al!
To my right hand the power of la!
To my left hand the power of al!
Within me the powers,
The star of force and fire,
around my fathers face,
the column of six rayed splendor!